A New Leader for a New Normal

As a restaurant worker, educator, first-generation American, and Cambridge renter, I know how important it is to have policy shaped by the needs of the community. As we recover from the worst public health crisis in a century, I am running for Cambridge City Council to implement a new vision to safeguard workers' rights, eliminate houselessness, support education reform, and partner with other leaders to push our city towards a sustainable future.  

Emerging Stronger from the Pandemic

one fair wage

I'm a proud bartender. I've met some of the hardest working people I know in one of the hardest industries out there.


But if there's one thing this pandemic has exposed, it's the unsustainable business model of the restaurant industry.


An industry built on the backs of immigrants, servers and bartenders on Jim Crow tip wages cannot demand that we "go back to normal."


We get little to no benefits, inconsistent schedules, work overtime with no overtime pay, and often face abuse from the very guests we depend on for tips.


Eliminate the subminimum wage for our essential service workers in Cambridge. Hold businesses accountable for abusive and unsafe working environments. 


$15 an hour is still barely $30K a year. We need a livable wage for all workers. 

cancel student debt

For 4 years, I served as an educator in Boston and Cambridge Public Schools working with Students with Autism.


When you graduate with $120K in student debt and pay back $60K over a decade and still have a $100K debt, you know the system is rigged. 


We must reform our education system to prepare our students for life after high school and prevent the next trillion-dollar loan crisis.


A New Normal means teaching students about debt, loans, and basic finances before they are expected to be independent. 


I will support initiatives to strengthen our Special Education programs, apply more funding for the Arts, Music, Sports, and the Humanities.


We will further demonstrate our mission to support our students by expanding the approved universal Pre-K in Cambridge to include universal healthcare for our young ones at their most critical developmental stage. 

housing is a right

Like many of our neighbors in Cambridge, I am a renter. We must institute rent control initiatives and put a moratorium on new luxury condo or dorm developments in Cambridge until we eliminate houselessness.


Every person deserves to sleep with a roof over their head.


Every person deserves the dignity of waking up in a safe environment within a community that supports their needs and goals to better themselves.


Updating our zoning laws will allow for better, affordable, and Green housing developments to ensure Cambridge is a livable city. We have the means - we must use them. 

green new deal

We cannot wait for the federal government to lead the way toward a sustainable future, and we certainly cannot wait for corporations to take responsibility for their contributions to climate change.


We can partner with other cities in running all our utilities and infrastructure on 100% renewable energy, ensuring all new developments are sustainably built and run on clean energy.


We must create more tree canopy spaces for all residents - not just those that can afford it.


A Cambridge Green New Deal would also include more bike lanes, pedestrian-only street holidays to support local businesses, and would make Cambridge a more walkable city. 


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